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I bought my first car over 8 years ago. I bought it used, so naturally, some things were aging and needed fixing. After a while, my headlights began to turn yellow. I first tried it with toothpaste. This worked, but after a few days, the headlights turned yellow again. The same happened with all other DIY remedies: WD40, baking soda, and so on. Then I came across permanent headlight restoration. This proved to be the best solution for DIYers.

When I opened my detailing business, headlight restoration was one of the services that I offered using the same DIY skills. My detailing business evolved to a headlight restoration business and this is what I focus on. The skills required to offer headlight restoration services are nowhere near the DIY approach. I have learned through trial and error and made a lot of mistakes. I have refined my skills and offer my experience as a service to those who need it. I am fortunate to call this my business. If you are also interested in starting your own then have a look at our course.

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Cars are a lifetime passion

I began collecting car magazines in my late teens and later collected DVDs from the TV series Top Gear. When the internet became accessible, car content was all that I consumed.

Finally, the time came to start my own business. I chose car detailing. The business is now a headlight restoration business that aims to be the world authority on headlight restoration.


As the business grows, so will the team.

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Douglas Maina

Founder, detailer, and headlight restoration professional

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Our Mission

To be the leading authority on headlight restoration.

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Professional Headlight Restoration Services

The Package

  • Over 8 years Experience
  • Our service comes with a year’s guarantee
  • We are mobile at an additional fee
  • It’s FREE if we don’t make your headlights new again
  • Free samples are available to confirm what we offer is not fake

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Tissletti headlight restoration
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George MGeorge M
09:19 11 Feb 24
Abdullahi AliAbdullahi Ali
08:17 11 Feb 24
very happy with Douglas' work! very professional and did such an excellent job. his tech makes the headlight look brand new! super impressive
trizah mbututrizah mbutu
10:06 25 Jan 24
Good job, very professional! My headlights are as good as new.
anderson riobaanderson rioba
06:21 11 Jan 24
Tissletti offers an excellent solution to the market for headlight restoration. They possess extensive experience, and I wholeheartedly endorse their services. I faced problems with dimming headlights, but after consulting with them, they performed an outstanding job in restoring the lights to a much brighter and clearer condition. This has significantly enhanced my driving experience at night with improved clarity.
Best in the world.Tissletti to the world.Mans does the job himself.finest clean work.
Barrack OgwellBarrack Ogwell
12:14 10 Jan 24
Very detailed work and professional team. Came all the way to my place to do the work, restored my headlight to a perfect spotless and clean (considering the other headlight was new, I could not tell the difference after the work). Would recommend them to anyone in need of their service.
Thomas KahehuraThomas Kahehura
13:15 21 Oct 23
The guy is very professional and meticulous in his craft. I highly recommend him for headlights restoration.
Trevor MoraraTrevor Morara
17:03 03 Oct 23
Art of craftsmanship. Good job as always I would highly recommend people to get your services...Kudos