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TisslettiMay 6, 20241 min read
faded or oxidized headlight

My name is Douglas Njoroge, founder of Tissletti Headlight Restoration, and I have been restoring headlights since 2016. I aim to be a leading authority…

The Ultimate Guide on How to Polish Headlights

Douglas MainaOct 12, 202328 min read
faded/oxidized headlight

Introduction In this section, we will explore the importance of clear and bright headlights and the benefits of polishing them. Headlights play a crucial role…

Headlight Restoration Home Remedies: Bringing Back Clarity and Safety

Douglas MainaOct 6, 202326 min read
faded/oxidized headlight

Introduction Clear and well-functioning headlights are crucial for safe driving, especially during low-light conditions and inclement weather. Dim, foggy, or yellowed headlights can significantly reduce…

Headlight Restoration with Drill: Restoring Clarity and Safety to Your Headlight

Douglas MainaSep 28, 202326 min read
headlight buffing using drill

Introduction When it comes to driving safely, clear and functional headlights are crucial. Over time, headlights can become dull, hazy, and yellow due to UV…

Headlight Restoration Hacks

Douglas MainaSep 15, 202320 min read
faded headlight

Introduction Understanding the Need for Headlight Restoration Headlights are an integral part of any vehicle, ensuring safe driving at night and in adverse weather conditions.…

Best Method to Clean Headlights

Douglas MainaAug 16, 202331 min read
Headlight restoration before and after

Introduction Highlighting the Role of Headlights in Driving Safety Imagine embarking on a nighttime journey without the steady guidance of headlights. It’s a daunting thought.…


Headlight Restore US / CLT (Clear Lights Tech) Restoration Kit Review

Douglas MainaMay 5, 20222 min read
CLT Headlight restore kit US

CLT / Headlight restore US is a wipes-derived solution to get headlights new. The kit includes: 2 yellow wipes for both headlights 1 orange wipe…

ATG Headlight Restoration Kit Review

Douglas MainaMay 5, 20222 min read
ATG headlight restoration kit

The kit contains: Polishing paste Sandpaper (2 pieces P800, 2 pieces P1200, 2 Pieces P2000) Masking tape 2 packets of UV protection liquid 1 white…

How to Restore Headlights Without a Kit

Douglas MainaApr 15, 20223 min read

Introduction Faded headlights are a source of constant irritation, there are many remedies to this problem, and lucky for us we can clear them without…

Magic Eraser and Headlight Restoration

Douglas MainaApr 15, 20222 min read
Mr. clean magic eraser

Introduction Magic eraser has been marketed as an absolute solution to cleaning dirt off surfaces, it always looks like there is nothing that it can’t…

Rubbing Compound and Headlight Restoration

Douglas MainaApr 15, 20223 min read
Turtle wax rubbing compound

Using rubbing compound to restore headlights is among the many hacks we can use to get headlights looking great again. There aren’t many resources that…

Using T-Cut to restore the headlights

Douglas MainaApr 15, 20222 min read
T-cut scratch remover

What is T-Cut? T-cut gained its reputation when cars had paint and no clear coat as the final finish. As the car ages the paint…