Does headlight restoration work?

Absolutely, it is a distinguished way to have new headlights besides buying them. If the strategy used leaves you frustrated, then pivot to one that works.

Though replacing a headlight is more effective as a solution, it offers an expensive option, hence not the most suitable course of action.

It is also important to note that even new headlights will eventually get hazy because UV rays from the sun are unavoidable and will degrade the plastic of the headlight.


With an array of selections to choose from most methods used clear the headlights but do not restore them. Restoration involves Correction/Sanding, Restoration, and Protection. Any technique worth mentioning must meet these three conditions. If not, we are merely making the headlights clear, only to restore them within days.

The best method is the one that provides the most worthwhile results and when it comes to headlight restoration that will be to restore your headlights permanently. This involves applying a clear coat to protect your headlights. This is by far the greatest way of doing so.

Restoration kits

There are some great kits available that will restore your headlights effectively. Please ensure that research is done; comparative tests offer the best reviews. The key to a good kit will take to account the three steps mentioned above.

Most of the solutions offered have the three steps included, there are a few kits without sanding and it is best to avoid them

Restoration wipes

Wipes are ok when oxidation is light. When the oxidation is heavy wipes are pointless. This is because they try to restore the headlight without correcting the headlight lens first. Another drawback is the wipes provide little to no protection so the headlights will fade again within days. It is best to avoid wipes entirely as a method to restore headlights. Restoration wipes are meant to be easy solutions to headlight restoration. This is done to promote sales rather than to make a great product.

In conclusion headlight restoration does work and will offer you peace of mind done precisely.

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