Headlight restoration wipes

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As the name states headlight restoration wipes are towelettes used to restore headlights. They are sold as kits and contain oxidation removal wipes and sealant or clear coat wipes.

How to use headlight restoration wipes

It doesn’t matter what the brand of the headlight wipes kit the use and performance are quite similar hence steps taken are identical.

Step 1

taping headlights

Tape the painted part surrounding the headlight to protect the paint from damage.

Ensure you start working on a clean surface, so clean the headlight with a towel or rinse with water.

Take the cleaning/oxidation removal wipe and with pressure wipe the entire headlight surface thoroughly working on removing all the oxidation/fogginess. Keep flipping the wipe to work on a new surface and when full discard the wipe.

Work on the lens until no more oxidation is visible

Step 2

When the lens is completely dry take the sealant/UV protection coat and apply it to the lens in the same direction as you would apply paint. Repeat if necessary and avoid applying on painted surfaces.

Let the surface fully cure for a day or less depending on the weather conditions. Do not wash the car or touch the lens until dry.

Where to buy

Headlight restoration wipes are readily available at your local retail outlets or can be ordered online.

Do they work?

Headlight restoration wipes do improve the clarity of the lens but are by far an inferior technique to restore headlights. Wiping the lens is not enough to remove all the oxidation and the UV protection application is not suitable for a great finish and protection.

There are more significant methods to restore headlights and have them look new. Wipes are however great for ease of use as far as the end user is concerned. They are also affordable and this makes them very popular with most car owners.

Armor All Wipes

Armor All is a brand that offers wipes-based solutions for automotive cleaning. They offer everything from trim cleaning, leather cleaning, and headlight restoration

The wipes are a two-step headlight cleaning solution. They might make the headlight clearer but are inferior compared to other headlight restoration techniques.