How to clean the inside of a headlight

Dull headlights reduce visibility and the value of a car. If neglected, the condition will worsen and it will become dangerous to use the car at night.

The solution to this might be to buy new headlights or restore them. When finding a solution for your headlights, ensure the lights are clear from the outside. Most of the headlights are dull because of oxidation; removing them is the most direct way to restore them.

When the lens is clear from the outside and still has contamination issues, then the problem lies on the inside.

How to remove condensation

Water enters a headlight through an opening. It is important to remove the entire unit, inspect for cracks and check the rubber seals and the lens adhesive. Once found, replace the rubber seals or apply a new lens adhesive.

To clear the moisture ensure the bulbs are removed so as to provide an opening for the moisture to escape. Heat the lens using a heat gun till the moisture dissipates or use a vacuum machine to suck out the moisture.

Once repaired and moisture is dealt with, the headlight can be placed back and should be as good as new.

How to remove dirt from inside a headlight

If there is residue on the lens of a headlight we can either open the headlight and remove the lens or if possible use magnets to clean the lens.

Using magnets to clean inside a headlight.

Remove the bulbs and use the opening to get in the magnet. The magnet being used should be small enough to thorough the lens and get the job done.

Clean the lens on the outside with water and wipe it with a clean towel. Wrap the magnet with a wet wipe and tie the enclosed magnet with a long string. When well secured put the magnet through the bulb opening and push it through to the lens.

Place a magnet on the outside which will attract the magnet on the inside and stick to the lens. Guide the magnet to where the dirt is and wipe it. Repeat till satisfied that the lens is clear.

When clear detach the outside magnet and remove the magnet on the inside. Put back the bulb and dust seals and the job is done.

Opening the headlight to clean the lens.

headlight lens opening

If the headlight is dirty to an extent that using magnets is not effective, then opening the headlight is preferred.

To open a headlight requires skill, so please research extensively on how to remove and open a headlight. Once open, use a microfiber towel, water, and soap to clean the lens. Do this carefully so as not to damage the leans or leave streaks or scratches.

Reseal the lens tightly and place the headlight back on the vehicle. If this proves challenging please get assistance from a professional.