How to restore headlights cheap

To keep it simple, the main reason why headlights get dull is due to long-term exposure to the Sun. This fading of headlights is known as oxidation and after several years of car ownership, it is inevitable.

Oxidation forms a layer on the lens, causes poor visibility, and is dangerous when driving at night. It also reduces the value of your car look displeasing.

Cheap Immediate Solutions to dull headlights


headlight restoration using toothpaste

White toothpaste works best when restoring headlights. The process is straightforward, apply toothpaste on a brush or towel and rub it on the lens to remove the yellowish layer. Work on small sections and apply light pressure. Add toothpaste as desired till the entire lens is finished. Rinse with water and repeat where necessary.

Using toothpaste to restore headlights works well, however, it is only a short-term solution. After a few days, the headlights will be dull again. To restore headlights permanently a more advanced technique is required.

Headlight restoration kits

Headlight restoration kits

A step above using toothpaste is to equip yourself with a headlight restoration kit. These are readily available with prices ranging from 15 to 25 dollars. Headlight restoration kits perform differently and we have a guide to the best kit.

DIY Options

Lemon and baking soda

vinegar and baking soda

This works similarly to using toothpaste. The compound made from the two mixings is what removes the oxidation. Though it can remove oxidation it is not suggested, the best option would be to use a headlight restoration kit or toothpaste.


Coca-cola is used in a number of DIY solutions but headlight restoration is not among them. Even if it can remove oxidation the results are not worth the bother.

Best way to restore headlights

before after headlight restoration

If interested in finding the best way to restore headlights read our guide here. It might not be the cheapest but your headlights will be as good as new and will last for years.