Travel Paper Soap Sheets

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Antibacterial Paper Soap Sheets for Hand Washing – (20 sheets) per pack. Scents available are; Rose, Lemon, and Jasmine. Comes in a small package, Portable Travel Soap Sheets, Dissolvable and great for Camping or Hiking.

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Travel Paper Soap Sheets: The Perfect Accessory for Clean Hands

Experience cleanliness on the go with our Travel Paper Soap Sheets. Designed for convenience, these portable soap sheets offer discreet and easy handwashing wherever you are. Perfect for hiking, camping, family trips, or school excursions, these travel-sized soap sheets provide a convenient alternative to bulky soap bars.
Crafted for foaming action, our mini soap sheets dissolve quickly to create a light lather that effectively cleanses without drying out your skin. Formulated with natural moisturizers, our soap sheets leave your hands feeling soft and nourished after every use.
Safety is our priority. Our mini soap sheets are suitable for all skin types, including children, and are enriched with potent plant extracts for antibacterial protection. With each use, these soap sheets kill germs and dirt, leaving your hands clean, moist, and refreshed.
Make cleanliness a priority wherever you go. Stock up on our Travel Paper Soap Sheets today and enjoy clean hands anytime, anywhere.
Shop now and elevate your hygiene routine on the move.

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Weight 0.015 kg
Dimensions 7 × 4.5 × 1.5 cm

Jasmine, Lemon, Lavender, Rose