Professional Headlight Restoration Kits

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There is a flood of information out there on how to restore headlights. As a professional, getting the right way of restoring headlights would best be done through experience, making mistakes, and learning over time.

before after headlight restoration

Alternatively, you can get a mentor and learn from them and advance with the latest information and technology. I aim to share the experience I have had over six years on how best to restore headlights as a professional.

Why headlight restoration?

Faded headlights are a very common issue.  They hinder visibility, lower the value of a vehicle, and make a car unappealing. While there are many ways of clearing headlights, only by restoring them professionally will the headlights be restored to new ones and last for years.

Car owners are not aware of headlight restoration services which makes it a business opportunity for those interested.

Permanent restoration

How long does the process take?

Professional headlight restoration can take a minimum of one hour and a maximum of two hours. It all depends on the size and condition of the headlights.

Can I make a living restoring headlights?

Yes. I have been doing so for six years and counting. The initial setup cost is considerable, but the recurring costs are minimal. 

The demand is high and few professionals are focusing on solving this issue. This is mainly because it is a skilled service.

What is required?

A compressor can be substituted with a spray can, but this is only in the beginning, once established revert to using a compressor.

Read our step-by-step guide on how to restore headlights professionally. Working under a professional is also a great way to gain experience before stepping out on your own. You can also get the equipment and practice on friends and family’s cars before offering it as a service.

How much should I charge?

Professional headlight restoration is a premium service and should be charged according. A client usually pays once and the problem is solved forever. In the US price ranges from 80$ to 200$. Check competitor prices to get the right range and pick your price. The higher you charge the better the clients and you will be placed higher than your competitors.