Audi RS6

Can headlights be restored permanently?

Headlight restoration can seem daunting due to the possibilities offered, some work very well and others let you down. To avoid this, have a look at reviews of products and testimonials. Also by reading this post, our aim is to guide your efforts to a productive outcome.

To restore headlights professionally, we will consider two main ways of restoring headlights:

  • By Buffing
  • Permanent restoration
Headlight Restoration

Buffing involves wet sanding the headlight, polishing the headlight, and protecting the headlight with either sealants, wax, or ceramic coating.

Permanent restoration involves wet sanding and finally spraying a sealant/clear coat. This is by far the most advanced way to restore your headlights. The results are excellent and will last for years.

I have tested the results of the permanent restoration and the results will last up to 4 years, at which point, the process will have to be repeated. Now, this is not to say that the same applies to where your location. The Sun here(Nairobi) is intense, and our weather pattern mainly consists of rain and the Sun. So your results might last even longer.

So can headlights be restored permanently? Yes, they can. However, that is not to say that they cannot fade again once done. It all depends on your location and how well the car is maintained. Weather is the main variable here. The longer the exposure to the Sun, the sooner you will have to restore your headlights. However, before that happens, your headlights will have lasted for years due to the sealant/clear coat protection.

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