CLT Headlight restore kit US

Headlight Restore US / CLT (Clear Lights Tech) Restoration Kit Review

CLT / Headlight restore US is a wipes-derived solution to get headlights new. The kit includes:

  • 2 yellow wipes for both headlights
  • 1 orange wipe for restoring and protecting the headlight

Step 1

Commence with the yellow wipe pack and clean the headlight first. This is to clear all contaminants from the lens. Repeat the same for the other headlight.

Step 2

Take the orange wipe and apply the coating with the wipes as is. Apply in horizontal motions and confirm that the totality of the headlight leans is covered. Allow to dry for 30 minutes and let it fully cure for 24 hours. That is the final step.


This is by far the simplest kit to use with immediate results; hence, it appeals to many users. As good as it is, it has significant drawbacks:

  • It does not have a holistic approach to headlight restoration, which covers Correction (sanding), Restoration, and finally, Protection. This kit covers only the protection stage.
  • It will work only for a short period; then oxidation will be back again because wiping oxidation is not as thorough as sanding it, also UV protection with a wipe is minimal.
  • Because the kit does not include sanding, the results will seem a bit hazy for most headlights.

The kit is designed for profiteering rather than for the end-user’s benefit. It is better to avoid this kit and choose alternative kits that are much more comprehensive in their restoration.

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