T-cut scratch remover

Using T-Cut to restore the headlights

What is T-Cut?

T-cut gained its reputation when cars had paint and no clear coat as the final finish. As the car ages the paint will get dull, T- Cut was developed for this purpose. By applying it to paint whether with a polisher or by hand the product removes the dull layer and makes the car shine again. With the invention of clear coat, the use of T- Cut is now redundant and is less relevant.

T-Cut and headlight restoration

Headlights become dull when exposed to the Sun over a long duration. Initially, the car had protection from the factory. As it ages, the protective layer becomes weak and eventually becomes oxidized.

To restore the headlight, first, get rid of the oxidation. The most effective way of doing this is by sanding the headlight. To avoid getting sanding marks, one might result in other methods, where T-Cut comes in.

As a compound, T-Cut can be used to restore headlights. If used directly on the headlight and polished by hand, it is ineffective. The compound is not abrasive enough to remove the oxidation.

To restore using T-Cut, you have to sand the headlight first, then use it as a compound to buff the headlight to new again. This is the most effective way of doing it. The main drawback to doing this is that T-Cut can get caked on the headlight and will have to use moisture to remove the residue effectively.


T-Cut is not the best tool for restoring headlights. There are far better techniques to restore headlights. Normal compounds also do a far better job polishing with a machine than T-Cut.

T-cut is best used for its intended use than restoring headlights. With their recent lineup, their compounds have addressed the user’s various needs rather than a do-it-all solution.

T-Cut restoration kit

T- Cut has a headlight restoration kit that is much more suitable for restoring headlights than the compound. While the kit is good, it still has no sandpaper, which is vital to restore headlights effectively. There are many kits available so please compare their reviews and performance to choose one that suits you best.

Learn more about headlight restoration here.

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